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Eight Steps for the Education Hail Mary: Strength, Perseverance, & Planning!

We are in the last few weeks of school and the last few weeks of the mental push that comes with it. Here are eight steps for success..

courtesy of Seth Perler, Executive Functioning Coach.

1. Get their buy-in (BI) and ownership… Without it there's no skills and the pattern will repeat. Try having a plan to celebrate their hard work. Get their input!

2. After BI and ownership, do a reset. Declutter and reorganize: Backpack, locker, etc. Don’t forget to create an SSS: Sacred Study Space.

3. Proactively advocate for your child. Get clarity for what needs to happen for them to do well. Email. Ask, and ask again.

4.Help your child create a realistic plan of action (POA): make sure it is detailed and proactive. What missing work do they have?

  • Sit down for an hour with your child and plan the next few weeks.

  • Understand they cannot do it all. They cannot do 17 missing assignments. What's realistic? What supports their mental health? What is well enough? Where should they put their energy? Where should you put your energy? What is enabling? How much support is too much support?

  • Chunking strategies: You have to chunk realistically or it won't get done. They cannot do all 17 assignments in one session. How can you break it up with realistic goals?

5. Accountability: tutors, study partners, etc. hire someone who is not you. Older student, cousin, relative, tutor, teacher, Etc. it can be with you if it's productive for you both.

6. Advocate weekly: ping the teachers weekly. Have regular check-ins.

7. Execute the plan with positive and non-attachment attitude. Don't be attached to the outcome. Have fun with your kids!! Play! Make jokes, be humorous! Be loving, compassionate, and empathetic. Just do your best.

8. Most important: prioritize mental health and the relationship. Try to enjoy the process together! If you aren’t, neither are they.

Good luck and as always, we are here if you need any guidance at all!


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