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The main goal at The Dyslexia Connection is to literally help you and your family through the thick and thin of your journey with dyslexia. No, really, we mean this. Let us explain why! 


The Dyslexia Connection all started as Whitney completed her master's degree program in elementary education, at Arizona State University. At this point, she thought she was destined to be in the classroom. However, during this program, Whitney had the pleasure to learn about the ins and outs of dyslexia from a fellow colleague, getting instantly hooked and her passion ignited. However, frustrated by the fact that dyslexia was never brought up in her entire program as a graduate student of education, some questions arose: 


  • How can our teachers teach a child with dyslexia if they don't know what dyslexia is? 

  • How can our children and students be successful if they aren't receiving a fair and appropriate public education? 

  • Why don't more people in our community know about dyslexia and how commson it really is?

So here she is, along with qualified and passionate teacher, to help and educate our teachers, our kids, our families, and our community with everything about dyslexia.


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