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"My son was barely able to read in 2nd grade; he’s now nearly at grade level in third! Joan has been incredible." 

"Get help as soon as you notice an issue. I wish we hadn’t waited."

"These tutors are so supportive! Mary is just amazing and any kid who gets to work with her is very lucky!"

She is a voracious reader now! She has so much confidence with reading, and spelling has improved as well."

"They can & will help. Having a child with learning disabilities can be so challenging as a parent who wants to help & fix it. Dyslexia Connection will and can make a difference. You have to believe in the process and keep encouraging and loving your child as they do the hard work!"

"Dyslexia Connection was a game changer for David. Through Dyslexia Connection David was taught the tool and give the resources how to read. His skill set and confidence he gained through Whitney & Suzanne was amazing!"

"We've been a huge fan of Dyslexia Connection since the very beginning. You were so helpful in getting us started when I first reached out and also helping us understand your services. Suzanne is truly amazing! She build such a strong connection with Sibilla right out of the gate and for the first time, Sibilla wanted to go and learn with Suzanne. You were also extremely helpful when it came to IEP meetings with her public school and having Suzanne a meeting with us was invaluable."

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