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Who We Are

Our teachers are highly qualified and trained. We take the time to invest in our teachers, because you take the time to invest in us and your families. We simply want to make a difference in our community and in our kids.


The difference is that we have the hearts that take us beyond skills and knowledge. We create the relationships that last a lifetime and that our kids understand. This fosters an environment that promotes a love of learning and confidence. 

Whitney Stein, M.Ed.
Dyslexia & ADHD Specialist 

Parent Coach 

Trained ADHD Specialist 

Certified Elementary K-8 Teacher in Arizona

Masters degree in Elementary Education

Bachelors degree in Marketing

Certified Barton Reading & Spelling Teacher

Certified Skype Barton Teacher 

Certified Dyslexia Advocate

Certified Dyslexia Screener 

Trained in Lindamood-Bell LiPS

Trained in Lindamood-Bell Visualize & Verbalize (V/V) 

Trained in Lindamood-Bell Seeing Stars

Trained in Handwriting Without Tears 

As the owner and founder of The Dyslexia Connection, Whitney Stein is able to fulfill her passion of working with kids and changing lives. For the last ten years, she has been able to work with countless families, helping them achieve success. As a dyslexia specialist, ADHD specialist, and certified advocate, Whitney is truly able to walk parents through the journey of dyslexia as it relates to a parent's general understanding and acceptance of a dyslexia, the initial diagnosis of dyslexia, and the facilitation of school accommodations and services. Dyslexia & ADHD are journeys, and her desire is to help parents understand the journey, appreciate the strength profile of being dyslexic and/or ADHD, and help children reach their full potential. 

She is now offering parent coaching in regards to ADHD, improving executive functioning weaknesses in both parents and children, and positive and connected parenting. She also does guidance sessions for families who are not currently a part of the office who need more assistance knowing what to do next in regards testing options, and accommodation plan requests. 


When she is not working, she enjoys going to the gym or hiking, spending time with her husband, and loving on her three boys, ages 4, 5, and 7, and her dogs, Meatball & Franky. 

Gina Martino
Dyslexia & Multisesnsory 

Trained in Handwriting Without Tears

Barton Teacher

Secondary Education experience teaching English Language Arts

Extensive experience in the following programs for K-adult students:

Lindamood-Bell Seeing Stars (SI)

Lindamood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing (VV)

Lindamood-Bell On Cloud Nine (OCN)

Lindamood-Bell Talkies

Lindamood-Bell Academy (English, Social Studies, Science, Math)

Standardized Testing and Scoring


Gina has over 13 years teaching experience, including extensive instruction with students who have a variety of learning disabilities including Autism, ADD/ADHD, and Down’s Syndrome.  She’s committed to helping every student reach their full learning potential.  Gina especially loves working one-on-one with students and being able to witness their excitement as they learn and master new concepts. 

Gina is married with three children, ranging from high school age to post college.  She loves spending time with her growing children and seeing them blossom into young adults.  In her free time she loves reading a good book and binge watching any feel-good shows.

Mary Minton
Dyslexia Specialist 

Bachelors in Elementary Education

Barton Certified Teacher 

Trained in Lindamood-Bell LiPS

Highly qualified teacher 

Trained in Handwriting Without Tears

Suzanne C Updated Photo.jpeg
Suzanne Castillo
Dyslexia Specialist 

Barton Certified Teacher 

Trained in Lindamood-Bell LiPS

Trained in Handwriting Without Tears

Mary brings 10 years teaching experience to Dyslexia Connection. Mary’s love for teaching kids started as a pre-school teacher, moved to teaching first graders and then on to working with home-bound students. After raising her children, Mary is back to teaching and loves her work with Dyslexia Connection and their families.

Mary has been married for 22 years and has 4 children, some in college and others working on their early careers. 

Suzanne brings over 20 years in one-on-one teaching experience to the table at Dyslexic Connection. Having homeschooled her own children from pre-school through high school while also teaching other homeschoolers with their own unique learning styles, she's a veteran at meeting individual needs. Her experience guiding her own child through dyslexia and into a high-achieving academic career is what drew her to help other children. Her greatest joy is helping children and families understand the learning environment that perfectly suits the child's needs and nurtures their self-confidence.


When she is not working with her students, Suzanne enjoys spending time with her children, crafting and antiquing.

Joan Bio Photo .jpg
Joan White

Barton Certified Teacher 

Trained in Lindamood-Bell LiPS

Certified Teacher

Trained in Lindamood-Bell LiPS 

Trained in Handwriting Without Tears

Leslie Knoll Web Pic .jpg
Leslie Knoll 

Barton Teacher 

Trained in Lindamood-Bell LiPS

Master's in Curriculum & Instruction

Certified Teacher 

Trained in Handwriting Without Tears

Joan has worked with learning disabled and emotionally handicapped students in kindergarten through 8thgrade in all subject areas.  She enjoys walking with students and parents through the often difficult process of diagnosis and remediation of learning difficulties.  Working 1 on 1 with students has always been her favorite area of teaching, and she loves seeing the growth that comes from this individualized approach.  She is married and has 3 college-aged children.  Spending time with family and friends, walking her dog, baking, and watching college sports are things she enjoys in her spare time.

Leslie Knoll received her bachelor's degree from Creighton University. She has twelve years of teaching experience. She received a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado.  Leslie has also worked as an educational consultant for several educational publishing companies which included creating nonfiction book sets and writing teacher resources. Leslie enjoys working with children because of their energy and excitement for learning! 

Dana Dorsey

Barton Trained 

Bachelors Degree in Communication from Arizona State University

Background in Social Thinking Concepts, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) strategies and Executive Function

Dana comes to us with 10 years of Sales and Marketing experience. Her journey raising her children has led her to new passions. Being a parent of a dyslexic daughter has drawn her to learn more about how she can help not only her daughter, but other children.  She loves being able to help other families through the process and can relate to their situations.  Her primary goal with children is to spark a connection leading to an understanding of concepts and a little fun along the way.  


Ashely Brown

Barton Trained 

Trained in Handwriting Without Tears

Bachelors Degree from University of Memphis

Deann Dennis

Orton Gillingham Certified

Clear California Teaching Credential

Masters in Education 

Bachelors in Philosophy

Bachelors in Communications

Bachelors in Religious Sciences

Deann brings 13 years of teaching experience in; Title One Schools, Private Schools and College. She has two older boys and was a Marine wife for 20 years. She cherished her military experience, which involved moving over 25 times to exotic and wonderful places such as;  Kaneohe,Oahu, Quantico, Virginia, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Winston Salem, North Carolina.


Her specialty is engaging students who experience challenges in the typical, public school setting. There is nothing more uplifting than working with students, one on one, seeing and experiencing the excitement when the light of understanding clicks on! When she is not with students, you'll find her ministering to: Hospice clients, spending time with her son, who is taking classes at Embry Riddle College, and hiking on local mountain trails.

Ashley brings 10 years of teaching/tutoring experience to the Dyslexia Connection. "Working one on one with students and seeing their progress is very rewarding!"


Ashley is also the co-founder of Off The Field NFL Wives Association, a Charitable 501c3 comprised of active and retired NFL wives that has donated over 1 Million to charitable organizations.  She is married and has a son who is in college and a daughter who is an Occupational Therapist. 

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