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Our mission is, "To give individuals and families the tools to be successful and confident, and to increase the community's awareness of dyslexia." 


The journey of dyslexia is a journey, with some struggles, triumphs, and many joyous moments along the way. We are here to hold your hand through that process. We want to teach our students to read and spell so that they feel empowered to be the best version of exactly who they are, and we want to encourage my families to be educated about dyslexia and how that affects their children in the classroom.  


Dyslexia treatment or remediation is something that every child needs, and that is another journey in itself. Our kids come to us thinking they are not smart, and they'll never learn to read. But sure enough, parents will come and say, "Michael told me he think he really loves reading, and school isn't so bad anymore." Those are the moments that make what we do so worth it and rewarding: to see a kid light up because he now has confidence is priceless. The Dyslexia Connection is your source for guidance and supoort in Phoenix, Arizona. We are here to help you and our community become better aware of what dyslexia is and what our dyslexic students need.  


Remember, knowledge is power! 

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