Why do we do private tutoring and not group tutoring? Our private one-on-one tutoring is designed that way for a few reasons. First, it is simply best for every child, so that instruction can be individualized to meet his or her needs. Second, this gives us the opportunity to create relationships with our students and to get to know exactly what they like, don’t like, and most importantly their learning style. Finally, one-on-one is meant to be an intense intervention, meaning our kids really work hard during our sessions.


Treating dyslexia is not like treating a medical issue. The best treatmeant is intense, one-on-one tutoring and remediation. Dyslexia never goes away. You cannot outgrow it.  However, your child can learn the skills to be succesfull and to overcome some of the struggles that come with being dyslexic and learning to read, write, and spell. 


Private One-On-One Tutoring

What We Teach

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Spelling

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Handwriting

  • Sight Words

  • Life Skills

  • Mathematics

  • More, depending on the child's needs

How We Teach It

  • Orton-Gillingham methods 

  • Barton Reading & Spelling 

  • Lindamood Bell’s LiPS

  • Lindamood Bell’s Visualizing & Verbalizing 

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • Times Tales

  • Institute for Excellence in Writing

Read more about the programs we use here

 Where We Teach It

  • On-Site: in our office

  • Distance Learning & Tutoring On-Line

  • At your child's school (please let us know how we can help facilitate this arrangement) 




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