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What is it like being dyslexic?

"My son is dyslexic, but I'm not. I just don't understand what it's like being dyslexic." -A Dylexia Connection parent

Being dyslexic isn't something you can understand if you're not, well, dyslexic. You just can't. Your brain is not wired the same way. However, there are simulations that have been made that give you and I some insight on the struggles, processes, and frustrations that come along with being dyslexic.

The Dyslexia Training Institute put together a few different simulations, as you can see in this video. The people in this video are asked to decode an article and then be able to answer comprehension questions. However, they were asked to decode using a certain key. It wasn't just simple reading. They had to decode or read letter by letter, and be expected to remember the words. Talk about difficult!

Want to experience this for yourself? Here is an online simulation that is quite similar.

As the people in the video say, they couldn't nearly finish the beginning of the article, let alone the entire article. They felt shame in that they couldn't keep up with their peers. This what our kiddos with dyslexia feel like in school every day. Don't you think every teacher should experience this? It gives you a little more insight and empathy to those who struggle with dyslexia.

If you take the simulation, please leave some comments on our Facebook post or email me about your experience!


Whitney Stein

The Dyslexia Connection

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