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Consulting & Advocacy

"I just discovered that my child is dyslexic. What on earth do I do next?" 

Once you discover that your child is dyslexic, everything that you should or should not do can be very overwhelming. Your pyschologist might tell you to do this, your neighbor or friend might tell you to do that, and your child's teacher will tell you to do something completely different.


Our question to you is do they really understand dyslexia and your child? Do they understand his or her strengths and weaknesses? Do they understand their test results? 


Now, we are not saying to not listen to your friends, aquaintences and experts. We are saying, take into account all aspects of your kiddo and get guidance, support, and direction from someone who understands dyslexia and can look at the whole picture. 






For: Those who are ready to do what it takes to get their children accomodations, remediation, and general advice on how to understand their child, dyslexia, and what it means in regards to their personal and school success. 


You have the time to go to school meetings, prepare for those meetings, understand what you are fighting for for your child's educational needs, and can negotiate with school administration in regards to 504 plans and IEPs. 


You have the time to invest, educate yourself on the ins and outs. You just need to know where to begin and some of the steps along the way!


If this is you, then we will certainly educate you on what you need to do, not do, and where to begin! 





As a certified dyslexia advocate, I am here to help & guide you through this journey! 


For: Those of you who not only need advice about what to do and how to better understand your child, but also need assistance getting accommodations and either an IEP or 504 plan for your child. It's not that you aren't willing to fight for your kiddo to get what they need, you just do not know where to begin and, quite frankly, it is all very overwhelming. 


You are not claiming to be the expert on dyslexia, and prefer to have someone by your side that can talk and fight for you and your child. Also, you might not be great with negotiating, which is OK! You need an advocate with you and who can do the dirty work for and with you. 


If this is you, it would be our pleasure to help get your child everything he or she needs on behalf of you and your family. 









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